Dear clients,

We have recently been subjected to abusive behaviour and foul language from one of our clients. As a clinic, we want to reiterate that we will not tolerate any behaviour towards any of our staff members that are not in a respectful manner. If any client is shown to be abusive, we retain the right to refuse any service for the safety of our employees. For all medication refills, the doctor may request a physical examination in order to ensure that the pet still requires the medication. The examination fee for this may be waived depending on the last medication refill. We hope all clients understand that we are not able to dispense medication to any client if the doctor has not seen the pet recently.

To all our respectful clients, we want to thank you for showing love and respect to all our staff members and the clinic. Everyone at the clinic works hard to ensure and uphold a good quality of medicine at all times and for all patients. By seeing happy and respectful clients, it truly does make our day better and faster. Once again, we thank you all and wish you a happy holiday.