Our mission at Central Park Animal Hospital is to provide the highest standard of veterinary care for pets.

We provide informative and supportive services while utilizing the latest in technology available for your beloved companion.

New Service

We are beginning to perform at-home euthanasia for clients (dependent on traveling distance). We understand that euthanasia is very hard emotionally for both owners and patients, thus we want to make this process as simple as possible for owners! For more information, please give us a call for a quote.

*Prices will be dependent on the travel distance and patient size*


Examination / $49.50

Anal Glands / from $40


Nail Trim / $21 (up to 20lbs)

Nail Trim / $35 (over 20lbs)

Ear Cleaning / $32.50

Dental Cleaning

Cat Dental / $190*

Dog Dental / $220*

Includes: Anaesthesia & Procedure
Excludes: Antibiotics, Pain Medication, I/V, Cone & Extractions for Dental

* Prices may vary due to factors such as the pet’s weight. Please get in touch for an accurate price.

Spay / Neuter / IDs

Cat Spay / $115*

Cat Neuter  / $90*

Dog Spay (up to 30lbs) / from $185

Dog Neuter (up to 30 lbs) / from $165*

Tattoo with Surgery / $20

Tattoo Only / $80

Microchip / $60

Dog Vaccinations

DHPP / $69

Corona / $21

Lepto / $43

Bordetella / $50

Lyme / $50

Rabies / $69

Please be advised that vaccine boosters are charged during each visit. We do not charge for all the subsequent vaccines during your first appointment with us.

Cat Vaccinations

FvRCP / $69

Leukemia (only) / $68

Chlamydia (taken with FvRCP) / $29

Chlamydia (only) / $35

Rabies / $69

If you have any questions regarding procedures, pricing or surgeries on smaller animals, feel free to give us a call on 604-336-7387.