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Whether it’s for a day or two, or while you’re away on vacation, CPAH provide clean, comfortable and secure facilities for your pet to stay with us.

Pets are fed with quality food, round-the-clock access to fresh drinking water and enjoy walks at least 3 times a day. They are even allowed to roam certain rooms of the clinic, under the watch of the veterinary staff on duty. Doses of cuddles, hugs and belly rubs are certainly going to be given, ensuring your furry friend is as happy as can be. Pets will be put in their own personal kennels or runs during the night, with cozy bedding including towels and mats.


Pricing Guide

Worry not while you’re away from home, our affordable daily boarding fees are listed below. Pricing does not include food. Please provide a leash and inform the staff if your pet has any special conditions, needs, habits or medications during their stay.

Small Animals / from $10.00

Cats / $20.00

Dogs ( under 15lbs ) / $25.00

Dogs ( 16lbs – 30lbs ) / $30.00

** Please note that we are not able to board dogs that weigh more than 30lbs. If you are unsure if your dog can be boarded, please contact us. There will be no staff on site overnight to monitor and care for the pets.